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When do we start aging?

We begin aging as a result of natural changes in the body. Aging is a gradual process that begins in early adulthood. Later, in early middle age, some of the body’s major functions decline and progressively deteriorate.

According to scientific studies, we cannot speak of a specific age for a person to become old. It is estimated that old age begins at age 65, but this is a more historical than biological conception. It is known that this age was determined by Germany as the retirement age. Germany was the first country to establish a retirement plan; from then on other societies took the initiative to end the working stage at 65 years of age.

What age is considered ‘old’?

To answer this question it is important to consider three aspects: chronological age, biological age and psychological age. We do not age from a single point of view. In the same way, all people age differently. Some changes may be normal; others may be cause for concern. Let’s see how we age according to each of our ages:
  1. Chronological age: to establish the chronological age we only look at time. The time that has elapsed since the birth of a person is counted; this is expressed in years. In terms of health, chronological age is of little relevance. However, as is known, over time, the chances of developing health problems increase. Therefore, it has been established that chronological age is an aggravating circumstance in the economic and legal field.
  2. Biological age: this age is experienced through changes in the body of each person. Although these modifications are presented as time goes by, this can start at the age of 30. However, some people develop health problems early, and others late. That is, a 65-year-old person may be very ill, while a 75-year-old person may not have experienced much change in her health. According to science, these differences are more related to the person’s lifestyle and habits than to age itself.
  3. Psychological age: As we can imagine, psychological age is very individual. It refers to the behavior of people as they feel about themselves. A person can be psychologically active no matter what their chronological age is. However, biological age can sometimes determine how a person feels. In other words, we can understand psychological age when we observe that someone, regardless of their chronological age, has projects and great expectations for the future. It can also be said that someone is psychologically young according to the amount of activities that he performs.

Aging wisely

The normal changes that occur over time are often unwanted. However, although some of the changes in our bodies are unpleasant, they are natural. Some of the most obvious changes are the weakness of the lens of the eyes, which causes vision disorders. Therefore, difficulty focusing on objects or reading occurs to all older people; it is a normal change.

“When you Feel Good, you Look Good – When you Look Good, you Feel Good!”

To age wisely, it is necessary to understand what the natural changes are and attend to them. For example, if we know of the propensity to lose teeth, it is necessary to go to the dentist. In any case, the most important thing is to avoid all those damages that can be avoided.

This type of care is known as “healthy aging.” According to Richard W. Besdine, Professor of Medicine, Division of Geriatrics and Palliative Medicine, Brown University Warren Alpert School of Medicine; “The goals of healthy aging are to maintain physical and mental health, avoid disorders, and remain in a healthy state, active and independent.”

Besdine says there is enough evidence in the United States that healthy aging is increasing every day.

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