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Facial aging: how does our face age?

The natural aging of the face brings with it a series of changes that in some cases are difficult to stop. Aging is an issue that affects us all in different areas of our bodies. In this sense, we can say that the facial skin is one of the most affected areas by the passage of time.[...]
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Aging Causes: Nature or Nurture?

The complexities of getting older make it difficult to pinpoint why one person ages well while another looks and acts older than his years. Are good health and fortitude passed down like blue eyes and blond hair? Or are they a product of the environment, including the food you eat, whether you have been exposed to harmful[...]
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Signs That You Are Getting Older

Certain physical and mental changes are normal as you age. Even so, you may find yourself asking, “Am I just getting older, or should I be concerned about my health?” While it never hurts to call your physician when you are concerned about an ailment, knowing what to expect as you get older will help[...]
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Aging: Can it be prevented?

Aging does not depend on the age of the person. The real reason why we age lies in internal and external factors. In other words, our real age can be very different from our apparent age. The factors that influence aging cannot be completely avoided, but there are many things we can do. Let’s start[...]
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When do we start aging?

We begin aging as a result of natural changes in the body. Aging is a gradual process that begins in early adulthood. Later, in early middle age, some of the body’s major functions decline and progressively deteriorate. According to scientific studies, we cannot speak of a specific age for a person to become old. It[...]
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Memory loss: causes and treatments

Memory loss is possible at different stages of life. It’s common to lose car keys or forget someone’s name. We all forget some things; it is only a problem when it happens frequently. Aging means that memory loss problems appear repeatedly. Likewise, in most people other abilities decline over time. On the other hand, there[...]
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How to reverse facial aging?

Facial aging can be more easily noticed. Normally, dermatologists point out that the sun is the main cause. The sun produces spots, veins and, wrinkles on the skin, but it is not the only one responsible for aging. The most obvious changes in the skin of the face occur due to the loss of fat[...]
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