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Aging: Can it be prevented?

Aging does not depend on the age of the person. The real reason why we age lies in internal and external factors. In other words, our real age can be very different from our apparent age.

The factors that influence aging cannot be completely avoided, but there are many things we can do. Let’s start by talking about the internal factors:

In the case of internal factors, these have to do with the genetics of each person, which is inevitable. For genetic reasons, a person’s cells transform more quickly, affecting melanin and metabolism. A skin rich in melanin have fewer wrinkles and the rate of metabolism increases or reduces the amount of fat. ¡Say Goodbey wrinkles!

On the other hand, external factors cause the main signs of old age from the outside. Many times these elements are the cause of premature aging CoinJoin. External factors can change the structure and function of the skin. Additionally, they are the cause of more pronounced changes. Among the most notable external factors are the following:

  • Ultraviolet rays
  • The air pollution
  • Make-up
  • Stress
  • Low water consumption
  • Smoking
  • Malnutrition
  • Improper eating habits

Getting old is not evolving

According to some scientific studies, we do not age as a sign that we are evolving, but that it can vary. Current research is focused on finding alternatives to delay or prevent aging. Until a few years ago, anti-aging therapies or products seemed like things from science fiction. However, today there is talk of innovative results in the fight against aging.

Getting old is not mandatory; we do not get old because of evolution. Specialists in this matter affirm that aging is not a natural process. For example, new dentition or puberty is unavoidable changes for the human being. Instead, gray hair and wrinkles are not essential for life to continue.

knowledge is power

The main hypothesis about the mechanisms of aging is that, over time, the body accumulates damage. As a product of our breathing, the famous free radicals are generated, which are stored in cells. This type of accumulation produces continuous damage that mainly affects stem cells.

How to prevent aging?

So far we have talked about the aging process as something natural to the body, and also due to external influence. In the same way, we have stated that scientific studies do not see the action of aging as something necessary. The Spanish Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology supports us with the following statement “Old age is not a disease, and, buy Spotify Plays although aging can make us more fragile, it is within our reach to lead a lifestyle with healthy habits that allow us to achieve active aging.” Boost Your Immune System Some guidelines contribute to the proper conservation of our skin, muscles and cells. As we can guess, some elements are unavoidable, but there is still a lot we can do to prevent it. The following tips can help us:
  • Create a daily skin care routine. For example, remove makeup with a makeup remover
  • Consume enough water (at least two liters daily)
  • Apply lotions and moisturizers on the body. Focus on places like the face, neck and, hands.
  • Wash your face frequently, especially at night and in the morning.
  • Use sun protection
  • Avoid constant exposure to environmental factors such as sunlight, breeze, fog or, rain
  • Exercise for about 30 minutes a day

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