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Copaiba Balsam Certified Organic Essential Oil

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Copaiba is an incredibly smooth and gentle oleoresin, which does less damage to the trees, and contains more therapeutic compounds than the distilled oil. Unlike most other oleoresins, this one is oil soluble! Copaiba has a sweet, smooth scent that is earthy with a slight balsamic note. It can be used for easing achy joints and sore muscles associated with normal aging or wear and tear.

The warming capabilities of makes it a wonderful addition to support respiratory health and relieving occasional digestive upset.

Size: 5mL

Top Aromatherapy Benefits: peaceful • encouraging • uplifting

Aroma: Spicy & woody

Blends with: CloveGingerOrange

Ingredients: Copaiba balsam oil

Collection Method: Steam Distilled

Country of Origin: India

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Additional information

Weight 1.2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in
One-Time Purchase

1-Bottle ($8.99), 2-Bottles ($8.09/Bottle), 3-Bottles ($7.64/Bottle)


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